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I drive our roads regularly; in fact, I’ve logged over one million miles on Michigan roadways. We all know our roads are a disaster. The time for action is now.

As Governor, I’ll work to identify and implement solutions that will not require raising taxes. For instance, the state currently collects over $1 billion in sales tax on gas purchases and none of it is used to maintain our roads. We can immediately dedicate this revenue toward fixing our roads as a first step. It will take some reshuffling of budget priorities, but we can make it happen without raising taxes.

Jobs & the Economy

As I travel the state, I can’t help but see the remnants of businesses that closed because of government-ordered shutdowns. Some estimates are that over 40% of Michigan small businesses have closed. Nearly 400,000 jobs were lost because of the draconian lockdown policies that destroyed businesses and the workforce. We’re also seeing major employers relocating to other states because of our government’s failed policies.

As Governor I’ll cut onerous business taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, and make Michigan the most business-friendly state in the Midwest.

I will also support training programs that will allow rapid employee development into high demand industries outside of typical educational programs. 

Election Reform
I support requiring voters show a valid state ID when voting. Period. It’s just common sense. We all have a stake in making sure that our elections are conducted in a fair and impartial manner, and requiring a valid ID is the first step.

I oppose efforts to set up drop boxes to receive ballots. There are just too many potential problems with this. Instead, I support expanding polling places where there are none, including setting up polling places in large apartment buildings or convention centers to make it easier for all of us to vote.

Pandemic Response
The Governor’s response to the pandemic was brutal. Michigan has been one of the strictest states in forcing businesses to shut down. We’ve had tighter restrictions on our citizens than other states, and our elderly have been imperiled when the Governor pushed COVID patients back into nursing homes.

We should never label a person’s life or their chosen livelihood as “non-essential.” The Whitmer administration completely failed us in this regard. All our citizens deserve to be treated with respect.

As Governor, I’ll bring common sense back to Lansing. It is time we balance the needs of our community and our businesses with the health and safety of all our citizens. No more shutdowns and no vaccine mandates for Michigan residents.

Taxes & Spending
As Governor, I’ll fight to lower our state and corporate income tax rates to stimulate our economy and bring jobs back to this state. At the same time, we’ll reign in out-of-control spending.

Michigan’s latest budget increases spending by $3.6 billion – that’s more than a 10% increase. It’s time to get government spending under control and let people keep more of their hard-earned money.

Public Safety
Michigan ranks 13th nationally in violent crime. During my 33-years in law enforcement, I’ve seen the toll first-hand and have devoted decades to helping communities. Numerous Michigan cities have experienced unprecedented increases in violent crime in 2020 and it will take new leadership at the Governor’s office to turn this around. We must not cave into the demands of the “defund the police” crowd. Continued funding of law enforcement will be a priority for me.

I have already successfully advocated for body cameras for State Police Troopers and Sergeants when the current administration ignored this issue for three years. As Governor, I’ll also provide the needed leadership to revamp our law enforcement agencies to improve efficiency in policing.

To improve police recruitment, I will provide scholarship opportunities at each regional police academy in the State of Michigan. This will cover the cost of the training and funds for career transitions. This will greatly assist the midsize and smaller agencies in Michigan and help them recruit the best and the brightest into the law enforcement profession.

Under my leadership I will take asset forfeiture out of the funding equations for narcotics enforcement.

The open southern border is providing a free flow of narcotics into Michigan and America. I support enhanced substance abuse prevention, recovery, and enforcement to protect Michigan’s citizens. Without safe communities Michigan will not be able to prosper.

Government Regulations
Estimates are that bureaucratic licensing laws in Michigan cause consumers to pay up to 30 percent more for services and cost the state more than 125,000 jobs annually.

As Governor, I’ll work to cut these costly regulations. We should be encouraging businesses, not hampering them.

Higher graduation rates and increasing skills in reading, writing, and math will be my priorities. We can’t just throw more money at the problem, though.

As Governor, I’ll push for a top to bottom audit of our education system so we can expose the waste. We must ensure that our tax dollars reach the classroom. I’ll also fight to give parents more choice in their children’s education.

2nd Amendment
There will be no California style gun grabbing under my watch. I fully support constitutional carry and will fight to ensure that the rights of law-abiding gun owners are not infringed upon.
I’m pro-life. I believe that every child, born or unborn, deserves the right to fulfill their God-given potential. I oppose government utilizing tax funds to pay for abortions in our state and will veto any attempts to do so.

The Governor’s recent vetoes of budget items that promoted alternatives to abortion is a tragedy and clearly demonstrates her radical anti-life agenda.

As Governor, I’ll make sure that alternatives such as adoption are promoted in our state.

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