Michael Brown Shines at First Republican Debate

May 14, 2022 | News

In a wide-ranging debate featuring eight Republican gubernatorial candidates, Michigan State Police Captain Michael Brown distinguished himself as the candidate who is best positioned to defeat Gretchen Whitmer in November.

Brown revealed one of the key reasons he decided to run for Governor.

When asked about his reaction to Governor Whitmer utilizing the state police to enforce her lockdown orders, Brown was passionate. He talked about the young men and women under his command who had to struggle with the enforcement orders, and how public respect for law enforcement throughout the state has declined as a result of the Governor’s actions.

“No Governor should ever do that,” Brown stated. “And that’s a big part of why I’m in this race today.”


Brown, the top crime fighter in the race, pointed out he was the only candidate who has released a comprehensive pubic safety plan to protect reduce crime and protect our communities.

Beyond public safety, he displayed a depth of knowledge on issues ranging from education to economics. He strongly advocated for trade school education alongside traditional college education, and promoted access to financial aid for trade schools.

“You can take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to go to U of M,” Brown stated. “But you can’t get financial aid to go to a trade school. This must change.”

Michael Brown is a US Marine Corps veteran having served under President Ronald Reagan. He has a distinguished 34-year career with the Michigan State Police where he currently serves as captain of the southwest division. Throughout his career, Captain Brown helped remove drugs and violent offenders from the streets, working to make communities safer.

He has excelled at developing high performing teams to tackle difficult situations and find solutions. This is the experience he will bring to Michigan as Governor.

It is Brown’s thoughtful, common sense, personality that resonates with voters hungry for honest leadership in the Governor’s office.