Press Release

Michael Brown: Cut the Income Tax Rate to 3.25%

Apr 13, 2022 | Press Releases

Promising to “bring common sense fiscal responsibility back to Michigan,” Captain Michael Brown unveiled his “Common Sense Tax Plan” today.

Brown, a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor, stated, “It’s time we help all our citizens, and we can do that by lowering taxes across the board.”

“Lowering taxes encourages economic growth,” he added. “As Michigan finds itself with the ninth-worst job recovery since the pandemic, spurring economic growth is the right move.”

Brown’s tax proposal includes:

  • Reducing the income tax rate to 3.25%
  • Cutting the corporate tax rate to 4%
  • Immediately ending the pension tax
  • Ensuring that sales tax on gas goes toward roads
  • Adopting a “Sustainable Budget” that restricts spending growth
  • Capping the interest rate charged on delinquent property taxes

“In my command role with the MIchigan State Police I have managed large budgets and always respected the taxpayers’ money,” Brown added. “Just like most citizens I earned my way to success and will always respect your tax dollars. I will manage government spending, and will save you money.”

Michael Brown had previously announced that he had signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. “I will oppose any bill that raises taxes on Michigan citizens. We’re taxed too much already, and I’m committed to not only opposing tax increases, but to actually reducing taxes in Michigan,” the candidate stated. Americans for Tax Reform first released the tax pledge in 1986 so candidates and incumbents could make a written commitment to oppose any and all tax increases.

Michael Brown’s complete tax plan may be viewed by clicking the button below.