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Michael Brown “Captain Mike” for Governor endorsed by Michigan native and national conservative icon Ted Nugent.

Sep 22, 2021 | Press Releases

Michael Brown, Republican Candidate for Governor, is proud to announce his endorsement by the one and only Mr. Ted Nugent. Michigan native and national conservative icon Ted Nugent understands the impact this endorsement has on the Michigan Governor’s race and the nation. “With Mike as the Governor at the helm of Michigan it once again will be the greatest state in the nation,” stated Ted Nugent. Mr. Nugent is proud to endorse the winning candidate Michael Brown “Captain Mike” to beat back the radical democrats and the failed Gretchen Whitmer. Michael Brown is a real conservative Republican who will win the election. He has been a servant to the nation and Michigan his entire life. Michael Brown’s commitment to the citizens is unparalleled and he has the best interest of all of Michigan at heart. “Your sacrifice and risk taking is appreciated by all of us,” said Ted Nugent.

“From the country to the cities and the suburbs in between I love all of Michigan” stated Michael Brown . “I am so honored and humbled to receive this endorsement from Ted Nugent because it represents a huge step in winning the Governor’s race,” stated Michael Brown. Mr. Nugent has immense influence both in Michigan and nationally which is what it will take to beat back the radical democratic agenda. “I pledge to restore Michigan, a state I love and have served for decades to a place everyone is proud to call home” stated Michael Brown.
See you out there Michigan!!!

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Michael Brown “Captain Mike” for Governor endorsed by Michigan native and national conservative icon Ted Nugent. 591

Michael Brown “Captain Mike” for Governor endorsed by Michigan native and national conservative icon Ted Nugent. 591