A Message From Captain Mike

Today, I have officially withdrawn from the Governor’s race.

I have made many tough decisions for the right reasons over my life. This is a painful but necessary decision I make decisively because that’s what the citizens deserve.

It appears that after our signature gathering was complete, certain individuals with whom we had independently contracted for a portion of our signature gathering and validation jumped onto other campaigns and went on a money grab. They were involved in allegedly fraudulent signature gathering activities with these campaigns.

As a result, the Michigan Bureau of Elections has declared all of the signatures connected to those individuals as invalid. Many thousands of valid signatures were thrown out as a result.

I cannot and will not be associated with this activity.

We built this campaign on common sense conservative principles with a positive message of prosperity, safety, and respect for all the citizens of Michigan. The countless hours, miles, conversations, and tireless effort will not be in vain as I continue to fight for the future of Michigan.

During my years in the Marine Corps and 34 years in the Michigan State Police each assignment has been about serving the citizens. I will exit the race for Michigan’s Governor with my integrity and this principle intact.


Michael Brown

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